Lot Description
2301Glass stein, .5L, blown, handpainted, transparent enamel, children dancing, pewter lid, mint (150-250)
2302Glass stein, .5L, blown, transfer & handpainted, signed F. Ringer, hunter, pewter lid, horn with carved ram, very minor wear (400-600)
2303Glass stein, .5L, blown, transfer & handpainted, Auerhahn, pewter lid, mint (100-200)
2304Glass stein, .5L, blown, handpainted, signed F. Ringer, pewter lid, rare scene, mint (350-500)
2305Glass stein, .5L, blown, handpainted, signed F. Ringer, pewter lid, rare scene, mint (350-500)
2306Glass stein, .5L, blown, transfer & handpainted, 3. Wettstreit deutscher Männer Gesang-Vereine, Frankfurt a. M., 1909, relief pewter lid: Frankfurt, mint (150-250)
2307Glass beaker, 8.2" ht., blown, handpainted & etched, monkey and cat, mint (100-200)
2308Glass beaker, .5L, 7.5" ht., blown, enameled, 4F, Gut Heil!, Turnverein Oberlind, mint (100-200)
2309Glass stein, .5L, blown, uranium glass, handpainted, tavern scene, pewter lid, mint (200-300)
2310Glass stein, 1.0L, blown, handpainted, Die Sachler [Finger Wrestling], pewter lid & base, mint (200-300)
2311Glass stein, 1.0L, blown, green prunts, matching glass inlaid lid, mint (250-350)
2312Glass stein, 1.0L, blown, clear, enameled, Saisonscheibe, V. Preis, Baderwirt, 1911, Schützen, Gesellschaft, D'Wall Berger 1902, relief pewter lid: target, mint (350-450)
2313Glass stein, .5L, blown, cut, copper inlaid lid: cats, cat thumblift, one small flake (60-100)
2314Glass stein, .5L, blown, clear, cut, copper inlaid lid: scene of metal casting or forming, mint (100-200)
2315Glass stein, .5L, blown, Musterschutz mark on lid, brass & metal lid, rotating monkey for counting drinks, marked I to XII, mint (200-300)
2316Glass stein, .3L, blown, clear, faceted, wheel-engraved, Andenken an Bad Brückenau, porcelain inlaid lid: coat-of-arms 1880, pewter strap repaired, otherwise mint (100-200)
2317Glass stein, .5L, blown, wheel-engraved, owl & rifle, porcelain inlaid lid: Hubertia seis Panier!, Aschaffenburg 17.4.1845, mint (400-600)
2318Glass stein, .5L, blown, cut, handpainted porcelain inlaid lid: baby Jesus with cross, excellent quality, pewter strap repaired - very good, otherwise mint (200-300)
2319Glass stein, .5L, pressed, pewter lid with carved horn finial, mint (80-120)
2320Glass beaker, .5L, 7.6" ht., blown, transfer & enamel, 4F, Gut Heil!, Augsburg - Pfersee, 1885, mint (80-120)
2321Glass beaker, .5L, 9.1" ht., blown, clear, transfer, Riedenburger Weizenbier Unterkrieger Brauerei, wear (100-200)
2322Glass wedding beaker, 8.8" ht., blown, green, handpainted, designed by F. Heckert, brass mounts, mint (700-900)
2323Glass stein, 1.0L, blown, handpainted, man in front of a house, pewter lid dated 1833, mint (300-450)
2324Glass stein, .5L, blown, handpainted, late 1700s, pewter lid dated 1796, 1" line at base of handle (350-550)
2325Glass stein, .75L, blown, early 1800s, handpainted, hunter, dog & stag, pewter lid with relief medallion: St. Francis CVS and Xaver IV, pewter strap repaired, a few small pieces of enamel missing (500-700)
2326Glass stein, 1.0L, blown, milk glass, handpainted, flowers, pewter lid & footring, mint (300-400)
2327Glass stein, .5L, blown, c.1850, blue on clear overlay, faceted, wheel-engraved, stag & dog in forest, matching glass inlaid lid, mint (1800-2600)
2328Glass stein, .5L, blown, blue on clear overlay, cut, c.1880, glass inlaid lid [blue on clear overlay] is old matching replacement, looks very good (350-500)
2329Glass stein, .5L, blown, white on ruby overlay, late 1800s, cut, gilded, ruby glass inlaid lid, some gilding wear, pewter strap repaired - very good (600-800)
2330Glass stein, .5L, blown, clear, red on white on clear overlay, wheel-engraved, matching glass set-on lid, flake on underside of lid (200-300)
2331Glass stein, .5L, blown, clear, mid 1800s, white cased interior, red handle, wheel-cut, red glass inlaid lid dated 1861, a little gold wear, otherwise mint (800-1100)
2332Glass stein, .5L, blown, pink on white on clear, original glass inlaid lid: blue & clear, very minor flakes (350-475)
2333Glass stein, 1.0L, blown, marked J. Lichtinger München, orange, elaborate pewter overlay, pewter lid, rare color, minor base dents, otherwise mint (250-350)
2334Glass stein, .5L, blown, unusual blue color, thumbprint design, elaborate pewter overlay, matching glass inlaid lid, base dents, otherwise mint (200-300)
2335Glass stein, .5L, blown, amber, elaborate pewter overlay, pewter lid, mint (150-250)
2336Glass stein, 1.0L, blown, amber, pewter lid & base ring, mint (150-250)
2337Glass stein, .5L, blown, clear, cut, metalwork marked W.M.F., silver-plate, metal lid, silver-plating wear, otherwise mint (200-300)
2338Glass stein, .5L, blown, clear, wheel-engraved, metalwork possibly W.M.F., unmarked, Wilhelm I, Wilhelm II & Friedrich III, metal lid, silver-plating wear, small dents (100-200)
2339Glass stein, 1.0L, blown, cut & polished, pewter lid, dated 1840, mint (250-350)
2340Glass stein, .5L, blown, wheel-engraved, early 1800s, pewter lid, mint (150-250)
2341Glass stein, .75L, blown, wheel-engraved, pewter lid dated 1796, minor dents & tear on lid, small top rim flake (200-300)
2342Glass stein, .5L, blown, early 1800s, wheel-engraved, house, pewter lid, mint (100-200)
2343Glass stein, .75L, blown, early 1800s, wheel-engraved, farmers, pewter lid, mint (250-350)
2344Glass stein, .5L, blown, 1800s, wheel-engraved, pewter lid & footring, pewter tear repaired - good, body mint (200-300)
2345Glass stein, .5L, blown, c.1860, cut, wheel-engraved, stag, pewter lid, mint (250-350)
2346Glass stein, .5L, blown, faceted, wheel-engraved, deer, glass inlaid lid, pewter strap repaired - very good, glass mint (200-300)
2347Glass stein, .5L, blown, wheel-engraved, ship, glass inlaid lid, scene with ship, pewter strap & tear repaired - good, glass mint (250-350)
2348Two glass beakers, .3L, 7.1" ht., blown, enameled, first has a woman on reverse inside glass, both mint (80-120)
2349Painted glass window, 9.5" d., Feldmeisterschafts Schiessen Bern 1951, Schützen Club Bern Switzerland, short hairline on edge panel, excellent quality and condition (200-300)
2350Glass stein, .5L, blown, faceted, silver lid, enameled: Berliner Bicycle Club Germania, inscription dated 1904, mint (80-120)
2351Glass stein, .5L, blown, faceted, porcelain inlaid lid: bearded man and/or nude woman [optical illusion], mint (100-200))
2352Glass stein, .4L, pressed, porcelain inlaid lid: two women & a black man, Die Schwarzen sind jetzt unsre Brüder, sie werden Gotten treu und bei der, Doch mache schnell Dich aus den Rutsch sonst ist der letzte Neger Futsch!, mint (50-100)
2353Glass stein, .3L, pressed, procelain inlaid lid: woman, mint (40-80)
2354Glass stein, .5L, blown, glass inlaid lid: handpainted dog, signed Fr. Fischelerl, pewter strap repaired - excellent (150-250)
2355Glass stein, .4L, blown, cut, pewter lid: engraved skull, Bier ist Gift, pewter strap repaired - otherwise mint (150-250)
2356Glass stein, 6/20L, pressed, clear, transfer & handpainted, J.W. Augustiner Bräu München, pewter lid: J.W. Augustiner Bräu München, mint (100-200)
2357Three glass steins, .5L, blown, ruby flashed, glass inlaid lid: inscription dated 1869, some scratches; with, 1.0L, blown, cut, pewter lid: inscription dated 1909; with, .5L, pressed, porcelain inlaid lid: Imported Beer, Hotel & Restaurant Kaiserhof, Chicago, mint (100-200)
2358Two glass steins, .5L, pressed, Bock, glass inlaid lid; with, .5L, pressed, pewter lid, both mint (50-100)
2359Two glass steins, .5L, pressed, relief pewter lid: Eberl-Bräu, München; with, .5L, blown, pewter lid with brass brewer's symbol, both mint (80-120)
2360Black Forest pyrography wood picture, 23.7" x 15.6", early 1900s, made in Germany, gnomes & verse, very good condition (200-300)
2361Black Forest pyrography wood picture, 34.3" x 15.4", early 1900s, made in Germany, verse, very good condition (100-200)
2362Black Forest humidor, 9.3" ht., Dog, carved in Switzerland, early 1900s, Linden wood, hinged lid at collar, glass eyes, excellent quality, details and proportions, very good condition (1200-1800)
2363Black Forest wood picture, 33.0" x 23.5", late 1900s, made in Germany, linden wood, hunters at table in Gasthaus, hangs on wall, good quality and condition (400-600)
2364Two Mettlach steins, .5L, 983[1909], PUG, pewter lid, light browning, otherwise mint; with, .5L, 702[1909], PUG, pewter lid has dent in rear, otherwise mint (200-300)
2365Two Mettlach steins, 1102[1909] & 1097[1909], PUG, pewter lids, both mint (250-350)
2366Mettlach stein, .5L, 1109[1909], PUG, by H. Schlitt, pewter lid, mint (150-250)
2367Mettlach stein, .5L, 1110[1909], PUG, by H. Schlitt, pewter lid, mint (200-300)
2368Mettlach stein, .5L, 1143[1909], PUG, by H. Schlitt, pewter lid, mint (150-250)
2369Mettlach stein, .5L, 726[1909], PUG, pewter lid, missing center hinge ring - works well, body mint (100-200)
2370Mettlach stein, .5L, 1038[1909], PUG, by H. Schlitt, pewter lid, mint (250-350)
2371Mettlach stein, .5L, 726[1909], PUG, by H. Schlitt, pewter lid, mint (200-300)
2372Mettlach stein, .5L, 980[1909], PUG, pewter lid, mint (150-250)
2373Mettlach stein, .5L, 1176[1909], Spiel, pewter lid, pewter strap repaired - very good, body mint (100-200)
2374Mettlach stein, .5L, 1074[1909], PUG, by H. Schlitt, pewter lid, mint (150-250)
2375Mettlach stein, .5L, 732[1909], PUG, by H. Schlitt, pewter lid, mint (150-250)
2376Mettlach stein, .5L, 955[2271], PUG, by H. Schlitt, pewter lid, mint (150-250)
2377Mettlach stein, .5L, 1055[2271], PUG, pewter lid, mint (100-200)
2378Mettlach stein, .5L, 981[2271], PUG, sculling, pewter lid, mint (200-300)
2379Mettlach stein, .5L, 678 [280], PUG, pewter lid, mint (150-250)
2380Mettlach stein, .5L, 942[2140], PUG, pewter lid, mint (150-250)
2381Mettlach stein, .5L, 702[1909], PUG, pewter lid, mint (150-250)
2382Mettlach stein, .3L, 966[2184], PUG, inlaid lid, mint (150-250)
2383Mettlach stein, .5L, 1068, mosaic, inlaid lid, shallow factory base chip (100-200)
2384Mettlach stein, .5L, 2036, Character, Owl, stoneware lid, mint (400-600)
2385Mettlach stein, .5L, 2388, Character, Pretzel, inlaid lid, mint (200-300)
2386Mettlach vase, 3.6" ht., earlyware, woman with bird, chip on vine, otherwise mint (100-200)
2387Mettlach punch bowl, 4.5L, 2974, etched, Art Nouveau, mint (350-500)
2388Mettlach punch bowl, 5.7L, 1121[2633], PUG, by H. Schlitt, set-on lid, underplate, faint .5" hairline, interior browning (300-500)
2389Mettlach punch bowl, 10.0L, 375, decorated relief, large animals, original set-on lid & underplate, owner I.D. on each part, chips repaired - fair, some not repaired (100-200)
2390Mettlach stein, .5L, 2640, etched, inlaid lid, mint (300-500)
2391Mettlach stein, .5L, 2501, etched, by F. Quidenus, inlaid lid, original music box in base - working, flake on pin hole holding music box (250-350)
2392Mettlach stein, .5L, 2520, etched, by H. Schlitt, inlaid lid, mint (350-450)
2393Mettlach stein, .5L, 2776, etched, inlaid lid, mint (400-600)
2394Mettlach stein, .5L, 2282, etched, inlaid lid, mint (300-500)
2395Mettlach stein, .5L, 1972, etched, inlaid lid, mint (300-500)
2396Mettlach stein, .5L, 1997, PUG & etched, George Ehret, New York Brewer, inlaid lid, some interior browning, otherwise mint (100-200)
2397Mettlach stein, .5L, 2097, etched, inlaid lid, mint (250-350)
2398Mettlach stein, .5L, 2044, etched, inlaid lid, mint (350-500)
2399Mettlach stein, .5L, 3221, etched, by F. Quidenus, inlaid lid, mint (400-600)
2400Mettlach stein, .5L, 2638, etched, inlaid lid, German Zoll Tag on handle, mint (400-600)